Japan - Facing the challenges
Come to Tokyo
and overcome'em!

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Social Systems Design Center
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Japan - Facing the challenges
Come to Tokyo and overcome'em!

Facing Future Issues Now Why not come to Japan? Many Issues, Many Opportunities Unique issues and the resources to resolve them.


Japan has many social issues...
Which Have Yet to be Addressed:
For example, obsolete infrastructures, declining birthrate and aging, de-population vs. overcrowding and employment mismatch. These are clear and present issues in Japanese society. Soon, the world will face these same challenges. If someone is able to solve these challenges in Japan, then these same solutions could spread to the rest of the world in a few years. In other words, the solutions utilized in Japan could be prototypes for global solutions.
Japan is rich in resources to approach these challenges:
On the other hand, there are many high-level institutions with excellent technologies. If an enthusiastic person has an idea and design to approach these challenges then Japan is the best place to test these possible solutions.
So... There are tons of reasons to come to Japan.
As mentioned before, Japan has many social issues, however it also possesses extraordinary potential resources to solve them. Tokyo is an ideal city to achieve this goal as it not only provides opportunities to start new businesses but also because it seats the prime minister's office, many government offices, the headquarters of most Japan’s companies, and various universities and research laboratories, all within 30 min of the heart of Tokyo.
The only missing piece... is YOU.
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Will you join Social Systems Design Center?

Social Systems Design Center R&D division of Japan Business Systems, Inc.

The "Social Systems Design Center" has been established to provide software and services that contribute to the improvement of the quality of societies.

We perceive IT as a social and industrial infrastructure system in which sophisticated applications are applied to and utilized for social systems in order to improve people's well-being.

Social System Design Center shall be established with the following objectives:

Stanford's Health Hackathon

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Medical Diagnasis Support


Supporting Customers in Japan and Abroad

We support you with IT infrastructure and operation for your overeas offices and facilities.

In Japan 6 Locations, Abroad 6 Locations
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Company Name Japan Business Systems, Inc.
JP Office : Toranomon Hills Mori Tower 16F, 1-23-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-6316
US Office : 1899 Western way Suite 320 Torrance, CA 90501
Established October 4, 1990
Capital 539 milion JPY
Representative President Yukihiro Makita
Sales About 40,500 milion JPY (Sep. 2017)
Number of Employees 2,056 (JBS Group Total)


If you have interest in our activities, please send an e-mail to SSDC-info@jbs.com

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